WHAT HAPPENS when 8 guys living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decide to break free of stereotypes connected to race, colour and nationality and instead be defined by their love of stand-up comedy? Well...you get a hilarious night of humour and passion – THAT’S what!  

Demonstrating without doubt, that people of all backgrounds can sit together, ignore all man-made divides and laugh as ONE. This ground-breaking show, filled with raw energy and amazing performances, was filmed in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in front of a live audience consisting of Arabs, Americans, Europeans, Asians and more – sharing a relaxed evening of fun and laughter. Performed entirely in English and suitable for all ages, we sincerely hope you enjoy watching this 2-hour show as much as we enjoyed planning and performing it for you!
Rehman Akhtar

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DVD Distributor List - Saudi Arabia

Eastern Province - Al-khobar
Good Ship Lollipop
Location: Good Ship Lollipop (Intersection of Tahliya St and Olaya St)
Contact: Ed
Phone: +966 (0)1 462 4064
Location: BRIDGES (Al Hamra District, Arafat St - next to Iranian Consulate and Crispy Creme, in front of 'Munch')
Contact: Mr. Omar Shabaan
Mobile: +966 (0)50 431 0060
Mall of Dhahran
Location: PJs coffee shop,
Mall of Dhahran (next to gate 9)
Contact: Mr. Ali
Mobile: +966 (0)53 006 1008
Rashid Mall
Location: PJs coffee shop,
Rashid Mall (2nd floor - near old food court)
Contact: Mr. Ali
Mobile: +966 (0)53 006 1008



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